VSM at MRO Asia Pacific

A long service life, maximum stock removal and excellent surface quality also promise a decisive competitive advantage when it comes to processing aircraft components. This is why the latest product innovations from VSM attracted a great deal of attention, from 6 to 8 November, at MRO Asia Pacific, one of the most important trade fairs in the aviation industry.

The who’s who of aviation and the supplier and maintenance industry were among the 5,000 or so visitors to the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre. VSM greeted its trade fair guests at its joint stand with Ban Chu Leong Technologies (BCL), VSM’s sales and distribution partner for Singapore. Managing Director of VSM Thailand, Josef Sturm, who is also responsible for the Singapore region, was pleased with the additional expertise at the stand: "As regional specialist for the aviation industry, BCL Abrasives is the ideal co-exhibitor for the MRO".

Optimised aluminium grinding with VSM STEARATE Plus
At the stand, BCL had set up its robot grinder showcase, "Aircraft Titanium 64", which it developed specially for the aviation industry. Here, VSM presented its VSM STEARATE Plus, for example, in the form of the XF 733 vulcanised fibre backing, for the benefit of several aluminium processing companies for the first time. The new abrasive combines the VSM CERAMICS technology, which is already very popular in the aircraft industry, with the newly developed anti-adhesive additional layer, STEARATE Plus, which minimises troublesome chip adhesion. When grinding aluminium and non-ferrous metals, this minimises clogging, significantly extends the service life, and ensures maximum stock removal even after a long period of use.

VSM abrasives – ideal for robot grinders
"STEARATE Plus, along with all of the VSM abrasives exhibited, was able to withstand the exceptionally high temperatures generated in the robot grinder and to impress visitors with its excellent staying power", says Ivan Ong, Managing Director of BCL: "Customers were able to see for themselves that VSM products are ideal for use in robot grinders. The products seem to be made for robots – and therefore also for the aviation industry." The same applies to the other products exhibited: VSM ACTIROX, with its geometrically shaped ceramic grains, is perfect for super alloys, stainless steels and carbon steels, and is the new benchmark on the market when it comes to stock removal and grinding speed. The new VSM ILUMERON allows grinding and polishing to take place in a single processing step – it always creates fine and uniform technical surfaces to extremely tight tolerances and with high gloss finishes.

Josef Sturm summarises: "The MRO was a great success for us. We received numerous quotation requests from all over the world for our new product series – particularly for ACTIROX and ILUMERON. And, in cooperation with BCL, we will expand our involvement in aviation much further."

The next date for MRO Asia Pacific has already been set for 24 to 26 September, 2019, and VSM plans to be there once again.

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