Sheets and Pads

VSM sheets are designed for universal use on hand-held machines and for manual grinding operations. Special versions are available, tailored to the materials used. Individual customer requirements can also be taken into

account. Abrasives may be cut or torn to measure depending on the format that is required. A range of hole shapes enable use on nearly every machine.

Our product range

  • Backings made from paper or cloth
  • Broad range of dimensions and hole shapes for nearly every machine
  • Available with a range of grain technologies

  • Available in grit sizes 40 to 800

Product Highlights


Waterproof silicon carbide on light-weight latex paper for manual grinding. The product Features high cutting ability, fine surface finishings and good adaptability. more


Aluminium oxide abrasive on a very flexible cotton backing is perfectly suited for manual operations. Acurate thread tearing resistance and an extremely good adaptability are the outstanding characteristics of this abrasive. more


Paper backings

  • Optimum stretching behaviour
  • Lower weight in comparism to cloth backings
  • The lower the paper weight the more flexible is the backing

Cloth backings

  • Available with aramid, cotton, polyester or polycotton backings
  • Elongation and flexibility parameters are fine-tuned in in-house finishing plant
  • High tensile strength
  • Available cloth backings range from extremely flexible to extremely sturdy
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