VSM offers rolls for off-hand grinding and hand-held machines. According to the underlying workpiece and material different dimensions on paper and cloth backing

are available. Furthermore the easy to use breaking device of VSM roll holders reduces the consumption of abrasive materials.

Our product range

  • Flexible backing material made from paper or cloth stands out for its excellent ease with which it can be torn off
  • Ideal for contour grinding, even for small radii
  • Rolls can be used for assembling flap discs and flap wheels
  • Available as economy rolls in roll magazines
  • Available in grit sizes 20 to 400

Product Highlights


VSM ZIRKONIA ALUMINA abrasive with self-sharpening effect for machining of tough workpiece surfaces impresses with its aggressive cut and very high stock removal at medium pressure. more


VSM ALUMINIUM OXIDE abrasive on a very flexible cotton backing for universal use in off-hand grinding, for cylindrical and profile grinding. Comes with an excellent price-performance ratio. more


VSM ALUMINIUM OXIDE on a sturdy polyester or cotton fabric backing stands out due to its enhanced service life. KK711X  is primarily used for manual grinding operations. It is suitable for wet grinding applications. more


Paper backings

  • Optimum stretching behaviour
  • Lower weight in comparism to cloth backings
  • The lower the paper weight the more flexible is the backing

Cloth backings

  • Available with aramid, cotton, polyester or polycotton backings
  • Elongation and flexibility parameters are fine-tuned in in-house finishing plant
  • High tensile strength
  • Available cloth backings range from extremely flexible to extremely sturdy

VSM accessories for rolls

Roll magazine

The VSM magazine which holds a supply of up to five rolls for proper storage at the workplace. It makes it possible to use just what is needed thanks to a tear-off mechanism.

Economy rolls

Choice of economy rolls consisting of VSM Roll magazine with five rolls of KK114F à 50 m, 40 mm wide, grit range 40, 60, 100, 180 and 360.

Roll holder

VSM Roll holder for proper storage of one roll at the workplace.

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