Hand-held / Offhand grinding

power tools

VSM offers abrasives for professionals for almost all hand-held machines, whether it is for smoothing weld seams, grinding out flaws or creating a specific surface structure.

angle grinder

Angle grinders are extremely effective for smoothing weld seams or surface defects with VSM abrasives and suitable disc sanding pads.

dynafile sander

Casting bosses can be removed and deburring work efficiently performed using VSM filing belts on dynafile sanders.

Tube return grinder

Thanks to the flexibility of the backing, VSM belts are well suited for the off-hand grinding of tubes.

Drum grinder

VSM sleeves on drum sanders are the perfect product when an impeccable surface finish or high stock removal is essential.

portable belt sander

VSM abrasives with flexible backing materials are the perfect tools for all deburring and surface machining and rounding.

parquet sander

VSM abrasives with a sturdy backing are ideal for machining resinous and solid woods.

off-hand grinding

VSM off-hand abrasives are ideal for whetting, intermediate grinding and finish grinding of edges, contours, rounded edges, or areas that are difficult to access. The selection of differing flexibilities of backing materials ensures optimum adaptation to the workpiece to be machined. Optimised tear properties of the backings mean lower consumption of abrasives.

hand sanding

VSM pads can be used in manual grinding for roughening and finish grinding, for light deburring tasks or for smoothing and cleaning.

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