Cost savings in grinding super alloyed steels due to maximum stock removal

XK885Y, a microcrystalline ceramic grain on a very sturdy polyester cloth backing, has been developed for machining super alloyed steels which are subjected to high

contact pressure. The cut is aggressive due to the improved self-sharpening effect, and the abrasive has an extremely long service life.

  • Extremely long service life combined with a very aggressive cut
  • Enhanced self-sharpening effect
  • Extremely sturdy polyester backing
  • VSM TOP SIZE (additional grinding active layer) achieves an increased cutting performance and reduces the temperature in the grinding area

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  • Continuous formation of sharp cutting edges, translating into an enhanced service life
  • Increase in efficiency for narrow and wide-belt grinding applications under  high contact pressure
  • Aggressive but cool grinding process
  • Premium product for the grinding of stainless steel, titanium and other materials which are difficult to machine
  • For narrow and wide-belt applications which require high contact pressure
  • Suitable for wet grinding